Indonesians hackers fume at Aussie spooks

Indonesian hackers have declared war on Australian businesses  and hit more than 100 targets including a major Queensland hospital, a children’s cancer association and an anti-slavery charity.

More than 100 Australian websites were hit by the wave of cyber-attacks, which were launched in retaliation the news that the Aussies had been spying on Indonesia from its  Jakarta embassy. It turned out that the Jakarta embassy, were being used for widespread electronic surveillance in a secretive operation unknown to most embassy staff.

The Java Cyber Army said that the press should warn the Australian government that the attacks would continue until there is a clear recognition of spying on Indonesia.

Attacks were launched by groups including the Indonesian Cyber Army and Java Cyber Army, which claim affiliation  with Anonymous.

The sites were hijacked and posted with messages such as: “This is not a joke or a dream, this is f—ing reality. Stop illegal spying on Indonesian [sic].”

A spokesman for the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, run by UnitingCare Health, said the cyber-attack was fixed quickly and there was no chance that patient information had been compromised. A spokesman told the Sydney Morning Herald that he didn’t have a clue why the hospital had been attacked.

In fact it looks like the attacks were random, ranging from charities to small businesses and even a strip club.

The  Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia, which supports people and families affected by the genetic disorder neurofibromatosis said that it could not understand why someone would attack a small charity.