Indian email tsar has security fail

The man responsible for protecting India from evil US snooping has committed a security booboo of his own.

India has been designing a new email policy to secure government communications in the wake of US spying disclosures. This is top-secret stuff but apparently, the chap in charge, IT Minister Kapil Sibal,  favours Microsoft’s Hotmail.

According to RT it is hard to see how different it would have been from photocopying his emails and sending the NSA copies. Vole has since tightened up its email connections.

In this case, Sibal’s dirty American secret became known to the public after he sent an email inviting journalists to the launch of his new personal website using his Hotmail account.

Sibal refused to comment but other officials have indicated that most people in the Ministry seem addicted to US spy friendly web mail such as Gmail.

It has been estimated that 90 percent of Indian government officials use private email accounts for professional purposes.

The thing is, they say, that they keep moving, get different designations, go different places and with that, their emails change. They lose contacts and important emails, the official said.

The official email system is rubbish and needs a lot of work, one official claimed to the local press.

Senior government workers like foreign ministry officials, the information and broadcasting minister and the health ministry secretary, also use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo instead of their work accounts.

India announced it was spending $11 million to bring around five million public employees onto the government’s email domain, powered by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) as early as mid-December.