India is moving to IPv6

The government of India has drawn up a roadmap for moving the country over to IPv6.

IPv4 is overburdened in India already, said an official, with 18.4 million registered addresses. It’s thought it will exhaust available space globally by just March 2012.

IPv6 has larger address space than IPv4 and allows for flexibility in routing trafic and allocating addresses.

All ISPs in India and telecom operators have been told they must become IPv6 compliant by December 2011 and offer IPv6 services from then. It’s thought that the roadmap means realistically the people of India will be able to begin using IPv6 by March 2012.

That includes all Central and State government ministries and departments, which will all switch to IPv6 by then.

It’s hoped that, while Indians are happy to go online, the adoption of IPv6 will boost the online presence of the country.

To make sure this happens, the government has formed something which sounds almost Bond-esque, the IPv6 Task Force. It will focus on ensuring there is “timely implementation” for IPv6 in the country.