India accuses Google of antitrust advertising monopoly

India is allegedly furious with how Google is handling its advertising business, and is preparing to launch an antitrust probe concerning alleged anticompetitive practices from the enormous company.

The probe will specifically look at AdWords, although according to the Wall Street Journal, the Competition Commission of India could also peer into other Google offerings at the discretion of the authorities. Google has said that so far it is not aware of an antitrust investigation. 

Google has come up against the wall over anticompetitive practices related to advertising, and search, before – a recent case in the USA saw Google defending itself against allegations that it favoured its own products over the competition, and ranked them higher to gain a competitive advantage.

According to the WSJ, Google leads the charge for online advertising in India, and may have over a 50 percent share of the entire digital advertising market, including on mobiles.

The WSJ’s sources suggest that, although the Competition Commission has received complaints about Google, the investigation will not be based on any individual complaint. Google will be able to appeal, and take the decision to the supreme court if necessary.