IHS buys Displaybank

Technology analyst house IHS has bought another market research company, Displaybank, which will help it spread into consulting for the flat panel display industry.

The buy is also IHS’ first buy of an APAC based company. With its headquarters in Korea, Displaybank has been pretty well positioned to keep an eye on the ebb and flow of panel supply. It also has offices in Taiwan, China, Japan and the US.

As you would expect, Displaybank’s role is despatching an army of beancounters to look over the markets with fine tooth combs. Companies then pay it lots of money for advisory. Many of the electronics industry’s biggest players have their fingers in some panel-related pie. Whether it’s selling tellies or factories at full capacity, IHS knows it can convince businesses to hand over lots of money for its reports. IHS claims that flat panel execs and decision makers would be lost without Displaybank, and that is thanks to its “strong primary footprint” in Asia.

There is some opportunity to take a closer look at semiconductor specific based research in the region for it too, IHS thinks.

IHS chief exec Jerre Stead said the Asia Pacific region is “critical to our company’s growth”. Last year, IHS bought semiconductor supply chain analysts, iSuppli.