iFixit: iMac an "exercise in disappointment"

iFixit has rubbished the new 21.5-inch iMac, calling servicing the computer “an exercise in disappointment”.

The iFixit gave the iMac a repair score of 3 out of a possible 10, urging people to use the 2011 model instead.

Miroslav Djuric, iFixit’s chief information architect, said that the computer was impossible to use if you would like to alter your machine in any way.

The site said that Apple’s policy of refusing to let users even change the RAM was out of control.

In June, iFixit called the 15-in. MacBook Pro the least-repairable laptop the website had taken apart, but the new one took the cake.

Apple had poured tons of “incredibly strong” adhesive to the LCD and front glass panel to the frame. In the past, iMacs fixed the display in place with magnets because it made the screens harder to replace.

The 21.5-in. iMac comes standard with 8GB of memory and in theory can be upgraded to 16GB. But because the design genuises at Apple buried the RAM beneath the logic board, owners must take apart most of the iMac just to gain access.

This move is a kick in the nadgers to all those within the pubishing industry who use iMacs. The extra RAM is important for using large graphics heavy documents.

Apple knows this. It has helpfully buried a compent in the user manual which says that it was important to upgrade at the time of purchase, because memory cannot be upgraded later in this model.

The reason Apple has done this is because it makes a fortune stinging users for over priced memory upgrades. Upgrading to 32GB can cost up to $600 which is a long way below third party upgrades. Apple users with less money than sense have been buying lower spec machines and upgrading using third party kits.

What is clear is that Apple is no longer just making more money from iMac users by charging them over the odds for their machines. By preventing them from upgrading it is forcing users to buy new machines when the spec of their old one becomes inconvient. Given that a new iMac costs between $1,299 and $1,999 this is fairly rude. $2,000 can buy a much better quality PC which can also be upgraded.