Lawyers fail to understand how the net works

stupid-lawyer1Lawyers working for the Pan American Games thought it would be a wizard wheeze to threaten to sue anyone who linked to its website at

The move by the organisers of the Pan American Games in Toronto is so dumb that we initially thought the move was an attempt to court publicity for the site

The lawyers want people to seek formal permission to link to its website at and fill in lots of forms and include plenty of eight by ten colour glossy pictures with a detailed description of what each one contains on the back. They also require each application to be submitted in triplicate, filed, lost and found and buried in soft peat for 20 years and recycled as firelighters.

Then, and only then will you be able to link to the following website

According to the company:

“Links to this Site are not permitted except with the written consent of TO2015™. If you wish to link to the Site, you must submit a written request to TO2015™ to do so. Requests for written consent can be sent to TO2015™ reserves the right to withhold its consent to link, such right to be exercised in its sole and unfettered discretion.”

Apparently the lawyers want to clamp down on people upsetting their lucrative sponsorship deals by linking to the site”

Snyone who links to or even anyone who uses the games’ own hashtag of #TO2015 is violating its terms, and could be sued.

What we don’t get is how the lawyers could find any court that would actually enforce a ban on

Particularly since the people who designed the outfit’s website didn’t add any protection to stop Google’s search spiders breaking the rules by snuffling out the address and putting it on Google where anyone can see it.