ID card faces brownout as Brown out

Gordon Brown appears to have been displaced as prime minister of Her Majesty’s Brittanic United Kingdom and Colonies and that means the crazy ID card scheme will be no more. Hopefully.

Brown will have to go see the Queen and suggest his successor. The sums were all wrong for the Dundonian.

The Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party appear to have formed a coalition and both are opposed to the ID card scheme, a scheme that has already cost British taxpayers an arm and a leg.

A combination of Liberal Democrats and Conservative party members of parliament means that the coalition will have a majority in the House of Commons.

Although the Conservative Party may be nurturing a Whiggish viper in its bosom, it looks likely that one of the things the two parties can agree on is that the ID card is dead.

Both the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party are riven by internal divisions – a natural state of affairs in any group of human beings that claim to be working together towards an ideal.

And there really are quite a lot of divisions between LibDems and Tories – the Labour Party will now sit on the sidelines and watch the squabbles as a new government tries to address the dreadful debt the UK is in. It hopes to capitalise when the coalition falls flat on its face.

Quite often, when there’s a change of government, the first thing they do is change the name of government departments at frightful expense.

UK satirical magazine Private Eye painted Gordon Brown as a Stalinist. The magazine will now have to figure out what it will do as Broon changes into Cameroon…