IBM to launch three European analytics centres

IBM has announced plans to launch three new analytics centres in Europe, aimed at utilising some of the analytics products and services it has acquired recently.

The three centres will be located in Zurich in Switzerland, Budapest in Hungary and Vienna in Austria. They are designed to complement IBM’s existing analytics facilities in seven other locations throughout the world.

Each centre will have a different industrial focus. The Zurich one will mainly focus on financial services and public-sector analytics, particularly in regard to fraud, financial management, brand reputation and traffic management. 

The Budapest centre will be more of a training centre, with IBM planning to recruit a number of students looking for careers in analytics.

The Vienna branch will work on providing analytics for supply chains, smart grids, cities and planning, some of which IBM’s CEO Sam Palmisano will undoubtedly attempt to offer as part of his efforts to get more support for a smart metering system.

The news follows a recent spate of analytics acquisitions, including the most recent buyout of Netezza for  $1.7 billion earlier this week. It also bought analytics firm Coremetrics in June, a company it had previously sold analytics firm SurfAid to, effectively amounting to buying it all back again. It also bought web analytics company Unica in August and it recently started providing resources for an anlytics course in DePaul University, suggesting it is deadly serious about the game.