IBM tests secure cloud on Portuguese electricity and Italian health

Big Blue is set to test its TClouds system on a Portuguese smart energy grid and in an Italian home health-care system to increase resiliency and lower cost.

IBM heads up a consortium that includes security provider Sirrix, a Portuguese energy provider, and European academic and corporate research organisations.

The big idea is that they will are building a virtual infrastructure project called Trustworthy Clouds, or Tclouds. This is supposed to be a cloud that’s secure and private while also cost-efficient and scalable.

IBM  has worked out that the big cloud based computing projects can be sold if there is a higher level of security.

One of the things that prevent cloud based systems taking off is that they are seen as being insecure in comparison to wire based networks.

To prove that its system is secure, Biggish Blue is testing TClouds on a Portuguese smart energy grid Energias de Portugal and EFACEC and San Raffaele Hospital, in Milan which is a home healthcare system.

In Portugal the cloud will control real-time status and energy consumption on a public lighting network. In Milan the system will coordinate with a home health-care service to care for patients remotely. It will mean that Doctors can monitor and diagnose patients via the cloud away from the hospital.

IBM said that using TClouds, patients, doctors, and pharmacists can manage the full medication life cycle, from prescription to delivery to reimbursement. Apparently it will save cash while maintaining privacy.

The project is being run by top IBM scientist Dr. Matthias Schunter from IBM Research – Zurich

He is hoping that TClouds will demonstrate that the rewards in terms of both cost efficiencies and smarter services, such as health care and energy, can be achieved by using advanced cloud technology to reduce or, in some cases, eliminate those risks.