IBM teams up with Facebook

IBM logoIn an unlikely alliance between an old time technology company and young blade, IBM said it has struck a deal to work with Facebook.

IBM is letting its marketing cloud clients use Facebook’s advert functions like Custom Audiences and has combined this with its analytics across applications and devices.

IBM thinks that combining Facebook’s advertising technology with its own Journey Analytics, companies can decide which groups of customers – among the 1.44 billion people using Facebook – can be correlated across different channels.

Facebook will join IBM’s Commerce Thinklab – a concept to allow companies to push their brands personalising people that use social networking.

It’s all a bit scary, but marketeers will be able to use Facebook Custom Audiences by combining it with deep analytics from IBM’s own marketing cloud.

IBM’s general manager Deepak Advani appears to believe that companies with brands need to know personalised experiences as a way of “nurturing loyalty”.

Perhaps it’s time for all of us to stop using Facebook before the whole thing gets totally out of control.