IBM strikes deal with China Telecom

IBM logoLast week IBM said that it would work closer with Chinese companies to make its intellectual property easier for them to use.

And today it has signed a deal with China Telecom aimed at using its partnership with Apple and iOS to create business enterprise apps.

The apps will be hosted on China Telecom’s cloud, said IBM – which added that it’s the biggest cloud service provider in mainland China. It hosts over 70 percent of domestic internet content and services.

The aim is to promote the development of mobile apps in Chinese enterprises.

The deal will mean that China Telecom will use IBM’s Mobile First Platform for iOS. That lets organisations build secure native apps for large companies. Apps built using the software are easily customisable for any organisation, Big Blue claims.

IBM said it has over 4,300 patents in mobile, social networking and security. It is working with Apple to build enterprise apps. Apple hopes that its partnership with IBM will let it sell more tablets to large organisations.

* IBM also said today that it has introduced IBM Verse – a social messaging product that uses built in analytics.