IBM sells off supply chain software

LlamasoftFor the last few years IBM has bought companies as part of its overall strategy of re-engineering its business for its cloud and analytic push.

But at the same time as it bought companies it felt it needed, it’s also been quietly divesting itself of divisions it doesn’t feel it needs.

The most visible of these sell offs was IBM Microelectronics last year, but now it’s emerged that its sold off its Logic Tools supply chain design software.

Llamasoft bought this unit for an undisclosed amount – with the acquisition including LogicNet Plus, Inventory and Product Flow Analyst and the Transportation Analyst products.

It’s also bought the technology and support people that goes with the former IBM products. Llamasoft said it has already started providing software maintenance, support and services to all IBM’s former customer.

In a prepared statement, Llamasoft said that last year it was one of the fastest growing North American tech firms with 830 percent compound annual growth (CAGR).