IBM plans 8,000 job cull in Germany

Biggish Blue IBM thinks that it can slim down even more by culling its German staff.

According to Reuters,  IBM wants to cut thousands of jobs in Germany and other countries to reduce costs and raise earnings, a German union official said.

One of the German unions said that it has been aware of Biggish Blue’s moves to slim down for a while. The extent and time frame for any cuts is unknown at the moment.

German business daily Handelsblatt reported in its Wednesday edition that IBM was planning to cut up to 8,000 jobs in Germany and said one IBM deep throat told it that in the end it could be that only 12,000 of currently 20,000 jobs will be left in the German subsidiary.

IBM has not confirmed the news claiming that it was just speculation. Anyway, IBM did not discuss company staffing plans in public due to the competitive nature of its business.

According to German services union Verdi, IBM is already testing using temporary staff on projects in other countries. The system is being called “Generation Open” and staff that work for IBM on projects but are not full time are called “liquid players”. So, they are working on a similar model to TechEye, whose hacks also run mostly on liquids.

IBM seems to think that the move will speed up projects by 30 percent and reduce costs by a third, according to the document.