IBM intros more cloud services

cloudsIBM continues to pile on the pressure on services it’s offering for the cloud.

The company said today it has introduced a series of services for its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering Bluemix. The idea is to let developers integrate Java into their applications.

The services include improvements to its Liberty Buildpack runtime to use Java EE7 Liberty features letting developers test and run apps in Bluemix with Java 8.

It has also introduced a new version of Eclipse Tools for Bluemix that allows for JavaScript debugging, support for Node.js applications and a better self signed certification capability.

IBM has also released XPages on Bluemix letting developers integrate Domino XPages to the cloud.

Big Blue now says that is Bluemix catalogue contains over 100 tools and services of the more important open source technologies. It claims it is now the fastest growing company in the PaaS market.