IBM has got flowers in its hair

Apple blossom, Mike MageeIt’s hard to keep up with IBM because it has put its press relations team into overdrive this year.

As I’ve tracked Big Blue for the last 25 years in my professional capacity as one of the most respected journalist in tech [Surely some mistake? Ed.] , I realise, of course it’s making waves.

Today it’s big announcement is that it’s working with Teleflora, which it describes as the world’s leading flower delivery service.

You can say one thing for a company founded by the Quakers – it shows compassion. IBM said small florists are challenged by big box retailers, grocery chains and e-commerce people.

IBM used to sell big boxes called mainframes. And still does.

The deal with LA based Teleflora is that all of the online orders it gets are thrown through the IBM Commerce machine.

Totran Radke, a manager at Teleflora explained it this way.

“The way people shop for flowers has evolved to a much more digital model. As the only online floral company to work 100 percent with locally owned mom and pop florists, highlighting our value from big box shops is vital to success.”

Deepak Advani, general manager of IBM Commerce, puts it a different way.

“Customers today are flooded with marketing messages.”

No kidding, Deepak.