IBM congratulates itself over London transport

IBM has given itself a huge pat on the back in a statement issued today titled “IBM Global Commuter Pain Study Reveals Traffic Crisis in Key International Cities” – we don’t know why PRs have to Stick Capitals All Over The Place, But They Do. 

According to IBM’s study, it surveyed 8,192 motorists in 20 cities on six continents. The commuter pain study highlights how rubbish international cities are when it comes to travelling around, including problems such as commuting time, traffic getting worse, traffic affecting work, traffic so bad driving has stopped, time stuck in traffic and cost. It says it ranked each city on a pain scale of one to 100, with 100 being the very worst.

IBM won a contract from Capita to take over running London’s congestion charge. Private Eye, issue 1264, 11-24 June 2010, reports that since IBM has taken over, the Auto Pay system has been fining registered cars tens of thousands of pounds in error, and the system has been plagued with errors since IBM took over in November 2009. Despite this, it still happily plonks London’s rating slap bang in the middle of the index of twenty cities, giving London a pain scale of 36 and ranking it at number ten.

According to the report, the most pain free cities to drive around in are Stockholm taking the number one spot with a pain ranking of 15, followed by a tie between Melbourne and Houston which got pain ratings of 17, then New York at 19.

The three worst cities to drive in are Beijing, Mexico Coty and Johannesburg, which got 99, 99 and 97 respectively. 96 percent of respondents in Beijing said that roadway traffic has negatively affected their health. Despite this and the awful traffic, according to drivers surveyed in Beijing, conditions have improved over the last three years after initiatives have been improved to increase transport networks. 

Here’s the full list:

Beijing: 99, Mexico City: 99, Johannesburg: 97, Moscow: 84, New Delhi: 81, Sao Paolo: 75, Milan: 52, Buenos Aires: 50, Madrid: 48, London: 36, Paris: 36, Toronto: 32, Amsterdam: 25, Los Angeles: 25, Berlin: 24, Montreal: 23, New York: 19, Houston: 17, Melbourne: 17, Stockholm: 15.