IBM claims Microsoft behind mainframe antitrust case

IBM may be let off the hook following antitrust allegations investigated by the European Commission.

According to the Financial Times, the three firms which had levelled accusations of foul play have dropped their cases. T3 Technologies, Neon Enterprise Software and Turbo Hercules had accused IBM of tying its mainframe hardware to its operating system. This mean that it was very tricky for customers to switch should they wish to.

But IBM is not out of the hot water just yet.  The EC investigation can still press on and bring charges against IBM, even if this scenario is looking increasingly unlikely.

Those in the know reckon that the investigation is running out of steam, with little progress made over in Brussels.  An inquiry into IBM over similar issues in the States should keep IBM busy enough.

IBM had played a blinder following the claims in Europe, accusing a couple fo the firms which had raised complaints with the EC of being paid Microsoft bully-boys.

With two of the firms, TurboHercules and T3 Technologies receiving investment from IBM’s old rival it hit out at the complaints as an attack by “Microsoft and its satellite proxies”.