IBM claims it’s the flash master

IBM logoBig Blue said that it has shipped more petabytes and units for storage arrays than any other company on the planet.

IBM, which invented hard drives, said that last year it sold over 2,100 Flash Systems, amounting to 62 petabytes of capacity and over 82 percent more than its closest competitor.

It calculates that its enterprises customers can build an all flash storge system for less than $2 a gigabyte.

Its customer wins include some in the healthcare sector, financial services and shopping.

Meanwhile, IBM also announced a range of servers targeting the hybrid cloud market, along with new storage software too.

The servers – all Power Systems, include a four socket system, the E850 and the E880 that can scale to 192 cores. Data intensive business workloads are the job of the latter baby, which can scale efficiently, unlike what IBM calls “commodity hardware”.

Commodity hardware are X86 based servers to you and me. IBM sold off its commodity hardware X86 business to Lenovo.