IBM buys information governance firm PSS Systems

IBM has today announced the acquisition of PSS Systems, a software vendor that specialises in information governance.

PSS Systems created the Atlas Suite, an information governance software package that it says can help eliminate legal risks and discovery/data management costs.

This is achieved by automating routine enforcement of information governance and retention policies, ensuring that businesses do not retain information for longer than necessary, which could cause legal and financial damage – a problem that many companies face due to being unable to introduce proper data retention policies.

“Together, IBM and PSS Systems can help business mitigate legal risk and reduce costs with routine information disposal,” said Deidre Paknad, CEO of PSS Systems. “Poor visibility and ad hoc controls cause companies to over-retain information and significantly overspend on information management, litigation and e-discovery.”

PSS Systems’ software will be integrated into IBM’s Software Group and will be used to complement its Information Lifecycle Governance software, which operates in a similar manner to the Atlas Suite.

PSS Systems was established in 2004 and currently has around 150 employees, who should join IBM’s workforce. The company also founded the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council, which currently has over 800 members.

PSS Systems currently holds 23 patents relating to information governance, which it filed between 2006 and 2009. IBM will gain access to these patents and the technology relating to them.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not revealed.