IBM brings security to the cloud

IBM logoHot on the heels of an announcement Hewlett Packard made today, IBM said it is bringing its security intelligence technology, dubbed Q Radar, to the cloud.

The services will be provided to its customers through software as a service (SaaS) and comes with the option of IBM Security Managed Services.

The RSA conference starts in the USA tomorrow.

IBM said that its security intelligence on cloud will help enterprises correlate security event data with threat information from over 500 data sources.

Its log management on a cloud is intended to simplify security and compliance data for enterprises and uses analytics and supports over 400 configurations, meaning security managers can capture logs from practically any device within the perimeter of the IT system.

IBM’s managed services for cloud security handles over 15 billion security events for 4,000 of its customers around the world, with Big Blue providing IBM analysts and engineers to protect themselves from security risks even before software fixes are ready.