IBM and Samsung begin beautiful patent relationship

IBM and Samsung have decided to embrace each other, even more, in their respective bosoms, putting an end to patent disputes at least between the two, by licensing their portfolios cross-company.

Terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, says the Wall Street Journal, but according to the gruesome twosome the deal “reinforces their ability to provide better products and services, while maintaing their competitiveness.” What are they working on?

In a statement, Samsung’s Seungho Ahn didn’t say much: “The licensing agreement will help both companies expedite innovation and achieve business growth by providing each company access to the other’s patent for basic technologies. We also hope the agreement will open new opportunities for wider collaboration between two of the leading innovators in the technology industry.”

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation – it’s Channel 4’s new flagship patent show replacing the will-they-won’t-they Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer of Relocation, Relocation, Relocation with IBM and Samsung showing prospective clients around the US Patent Office instead of handsome French villas.

Samsung and IBM earlier this year decided to collaborate on semiconductor materials and manufacturing processes. Here the two hope that their joint technologies will bring us all faster mobile web and clown sorry cloud computing. Both have a relationship with GloFo

Samsung in particular has been focusing on its consumer products with Bada and the rest of the Galaxy: tablets, smartphones and smart television. Is it looking for some IBM chips to give it the edge in the integrated space? 

IBM is certainly keen on Speedy Gonzales’ laser based chips, claiming a breakthrough late last year.