IBM aims predictive analysis at industry sectors

IBM logoIBM said that it has introduced 20 industry specific systems intended to give predictive analytics based on data they store.

The company is targeting the systems at sectors including telecomms, banking, insurance and retail and claims it will give them the ability to unveil and then act on business insights.

It gives several examples of what it believes the IBM products can bring to the sector.

For example, shops can assess the amount of money individual products and product lines make to help them decide which products they should carry and promote.

Banks can use spending partners of customers to give them an idea of what’s happening to them in terms of money and their lives.

And oil and gas companies can reduce costs by predicting failures before they happen and be more productive.

IBM claims that by using these analytic techniques, enterprises will be able to better understand their customers, their assets and operations and to make better decisions and cut costs.