Hynix sued in DRAM patent row

Hynix has found itself back in court.

Fresh from its legal fight with patent troll Rambus, the semiconductor outfit has found itself on the receiving end of a suit filed by Cascades Computer Innovation LLC (CCI).

The Korean technology company has fingered Hynix as using its DRAM patents in a range of products, including the Hynix DDR3 range, without asking for licensing permission.

The patent in question is number 6,366,130, titled the “High Speed Low Power Data Transfer Scheme”, which CCI claims Hynix has been “contributorily infringing”.

CCI claims this has been going on for a few years and that Hynix also knew about its plans to drag it through the courts “as early” as 20 May, after it pointed out that certain products infringed  the patents.

Apparently the threats did nothing to deter Hynix, which CCI alleges which carried on.

Now CCI has clearly decided that enough is enough and has asked that the Illinois federal court push for injunctive relief and damages. It also wants the company to stop using the patents.

Hynix is no stranger to the courts. Along with its grumbling mate Micron, it’s currently saying Rambus shredded documents that related to recent patent rulings, which involved documents relating to two patent infringement lawsuits filed by the troll.

The documents, related to the case between Rambus and Hynix Semiconductor and Micron, saw the IP firm accusing the pair of boycotting its RDRAM memory technology. In the lawsuit it claims that Micron and Hynix improperly colluded to restrict production and raise the price of Rambus chips.