Hurd on the Street: I did not have sex with that woman

The former CEO of Hewlett Packard is continuing to defend his reputation after he was ousted from his position for allegedly being less than transparent with his expenses.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Hurd speaking to “acquaintances” about his relationship with former contractor Jodie Fisher. She has apparently claimed that she didn’t get extra work from HP’s Hurd because she wouldn’t get into bed with him.

Hurd, however, denies there was a sexual element in his relationship with Fisher but instead says she didn’t get as much work as she wanted because of the global economy. Fisher, too, denied she had a fling with Hurd.

HP concluded in an internal investigation that Fisher’s allegations of sexual harrassment were without substance, but instead cast doubt on the wisdom of employing Fisher as a contractor.

Hurd, through his “acquaintances” is quoted by the WSJ as saying: “This woman and I never had sex”.

Meanwhile, HP has formed a committee and employed head hunters in an attempt to find a replacement as quickly as it can for Mark Hurd.  The committee is not expected to canvass either Carly Fiorina or Mike Capellas for the job.