Hurd cites Turkey and Mexico as future high growth tech centres

Oracle has set its all seeing eye on Turkey, Indonesia and Mexico – citing them as the next wave of high growth countries.

In a press conference, Mark “I did not sleep with that woman” Hurd pointed out that in the next ten or twenty years, there will be strong changes where wealth is created around the globe. And, clearly, technology can either help or hinder companies looking to tap into high growth emerging markets.

He highlighted Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey as key areas of growth for new products and services which could be adopted globally.

Hurd said, as reported in Information Week, that companies unable or unwilling to climb out of the eternal-integration as well as those who don’t keep up with the IT rat race “will lose.”

He also put in his two pence piece about mobile phones claiming that “planet Earth will be populated by more mobile phones than people.”

Of course he also bigged up Oracle, saying it is “as open as any IT company in the market” and will work with other vendors as specified by customers.