Hurd and Catz talk up Oracle

Both Oracle’s software and hardware businesses “grew faster than expected,” the company has said.  

The comments from co-presidents Safra Catz and Mark “I did not have sex with that woman” Hurd come as Oracle releases its first quarter earnings.

In a statement Catz said: “Our software business grew strongly in all regions with new license sales up 25 percent. Our hardware business also grew faster than we expected with Sun Solaris servers and Exadata leading the way.”

Hurd, who has just joined the company after being chucked out from HP, previewed Oracle OpenWorld in a conference call, telling hacks that Oracle OpenWorld would next week announce two new high-end systems that combine Sun hardware with Oracle software.

He also touted Oracle’s R&D spending for the year, which is ironic considering he was  knocked for scrimping on R&D at HP.

Hurd continued to talk about strategy saying that Oracle was defining the integrated system market. “I think there’s a large under appreciated opportunity in verticals,” ZDNet reported him as saying.

Hurd talked up Oracle’s sales team, rounded up a few customer wins and touted database and middleware sales.

Catz claimed Oracle “has a lot of company specific momentum” in a wide range of markets. She said that Oracle customers were seeing the benefits of an integrated stack.

“Customers are buying our applications and deploying them on our middleware and operating systems both Solaris and Linux,” she said.