Hulu offers “advertising free” service – with adverts

Arthur Daley Video streaming outfit Hulu has come up with a wizard wheeze – it charges extra for an advertising free service, which actually has adverts.

Hulu has been slammed for injecting too many adverts into its video stream service and playing the same ones on repeat. It came up with a service where you pay extra not to have the adverts included.  It sounds fair enough, after all an advert free service cuts back on revenue.

The new “no commercials” tier comes at a slightly higher rate of $11.99 per month—compared to the regular $7.99 a month subscription, now euphemistically referred to as the “limited commercials” plan.

The only problem here is that the advertising free service contains adverts.  The only difference is that they are not dispersed throughout the stream, but at the beginning and end of the content.

Variety reports that seven popular broadcast TV series will still have a 15-second preroll ad and followed by a 30-second post-roll ad.  Even for subscribers with the “no commercials” plan. Affected shows include Scandal, New Girl, How To Get Away With Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Grimm.  In other words all the shows you sign up for Hulu to watch.

How do they get away with that when it is a huge breach of advertising rules?  We are uncertain, but we think it is because North America has institutionalised its fear of consumer protection and they overthrew its lawful government in favour of a French-backed corporate oligarchy.