Huawei turns greasy pole into wheel of fortune

Chinese telephone maker Huawei has come up with a new idea on how it will replace its founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei.


According to a statement from the great man himself, the top suits will take turns acting as chief executive.


The cunning plan is to prevent the outfit suffering as Ren’s top executives start to vie for his executive suite and corporate drinks cabinet.


Ji Yongqing, author of a book titled, “Huawei’s World” told Reuters that the company was now entering its PR period, which stands for post Ren.


It is still jointly owned by its employees and is not listed.


Ren wrote in his Christmas message that a rotating system is better than sole reliance on a single person for the success of the company. Although in his case it worked rather well for the outfit.


Ren build Huawei from nothing. Other CEO’s said he was daft building a telecommunications equiment maker but he built it just the same. It made billions


The new structure requires a number of top Huawei executives, including vice chairman Guo Ping and several executive directors of its board, to act as chief executive for six months at a time, according to the article by Ren and a source close to Huawei.


Ren will remain the ultimate leader of Huawei, although he is no longer in charge of its day-to-day operations on issues such as marketing, research and development, and technology, the source said.