Huawei talks up corporate responsibility

Huawei is trying to shake off its bad boy reputation and paint itself as a good Samaritan.  

The company has released a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, which gives an overall review of its commitments and practices with regard to what it’s expected to do.

This includes putting in place fair operations plans, practising ongoing environmental protection and bridging the digital divide. It’s also gone as far as offering  community support for staff who feel left out or are having difficulties in the work place, it says.

Of course this isn’t the first time the company attempted charm.

Earlier this year it bowed down to the US following security fears, writing a special letter where it praised the values of the country and democracy. Read between the lines and it was praising high-profile infrastructure contracts.

The US was sorely mistaken, it said, with misconceptions about the Chinese company still rife.

Meanwhile, today it has said it will invest around $120-$150 million to set up its own R&D campus in Whitefield, Bangalore, and it’s not wasting any time.

Huawei wants work to begin on the campus in  mid-July, and the overall project is expected to be ready by early 2013.

Although it has R&D centres in Sweden, Italy, Turkey, the US and the UK, they’re rented or leased, meaning that there are restrictions on what it can do.

The Indian basewill be the first outside of China of its very own, and the company has big plans for it.

The plot is said to be around 20 acres, and as well as including the factories and centres, which will focus on designing mobile phones and set top boxes, there will also be one million square feet of built-up area that will accommodate 3500-4000 people. Party on, Huawei Campus.
It hasn’t faced any objection from environmental, aviation, water supply, and fire safety bodies.