Huawei takes Motorola to court

Huawei is seeking taking legal action to block Motorola from what it claims is the illegal transfer of  its intellectual property to Nokia Siemens Networks.

It’s gone crying to a US district court asking it to take action as Nokia Siemens Networks looks to complete its $1.2 billion acquisition of Motorola’s wireless network business.

Huawei and Motorola have had a working relationship in the radio access network and core network businesses since 2000. Throughout this time Motorola resold Huawei wireless network products to customers under the Motorola name. Hauwei also claims that during this period, it provided Motorola with products and confidential Huawei IP developed by the company’s 10,000 engineers.

However, the beautiful relationship fell apart in July 2010 when Nokia Siemens Networks announced that it was to buy Motorola’s wireless network business.

Huawei at the time claimed that it stepped in to ensure that Motorola did not transfer this confidential information to Nokia, but Motorola apparently didn’t respond with assurances Huawei is now alleging that if the information is given away it will suffer irreparable commercial damage.

“Motorola’s failure to adopt measures sufficient to ensure that Huawei’s proprietary information remains confidential has compelled the company to file for the appropriate legal protection of its rights,” it said in a statement.