Huawei readies troops for US comeback

frank dikotter tragedyHuawei Technologies is having another crack at selling its enterprise services in the Land of the Free, despite a political crackdown from US politicians who fear Chinese spooks might be spying on them instead of the NSA.

Despite being much loved in the EU, Huawei was labeled a U.S. national security threat in 2012, and has been effectively blocked from selling telecommunication gear to US carriers.

Government officials there are concerned about Huawei’s alleged ties with the Chinese government, and want to rely on Cisco whose boxes can be opened by its own spies and backdoors inserted .

Huawei, however, hopes it can still attract US customers to its enterprise products, which include servers, storage and IT services.

David He, the company’s president of marketing for its enterprise group told PC World that Huawei executives have also talked with US customers and partners, and they all welcome a new player to enter the market.

“The US represents a large market. We are continually working to expand in this market,” he said at a press conference.

Huawei is betting it can steadily build its US enterprise customer base. The Chinese company makes nearly all its revenue from selling networking gear and consumer products such as smartphones. But Huawei wants its enterprise business to drive much of its growth.

Last year, it made about US$3.2 billion in revenue from enterprise products, but by 2019, Huawei wants that figure to reach $10 billion.

Earlier this week, Huawei revealed one way it could expand in the enterprise sector. In July, the company is launching a public cloud service in China, although it declined to offer details.