Huawei lands Everything Everywhere deal

It’s built itself a firm little UK nesting place in the concrete jungle otherwise known as Bracknell, and now Huawei has made its stand over here in blighty, winning its first UK major UK contract.

The all encompassing Chinese network equipment maker has received the wireless network deal from Everything Everywhere – a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom AG and France Telecom SA, inherited from the merger of T-Mobile and Orange.

Upon signing on the dotted line Huawei has agreed to rebuild the operator’s 2G infrastructure over the next four years, which is claimed to give better sensitivity and improve coverage . It also seems that it will get itself into top position when it comes to building and advancing  4G too although Everything Everywhere hasn’t named its partner for this.

Whilst the Chinese giant will be splashing out on the champers, not everyone is going to be impressed at the deal. After all it’s no secret that many countries are already suspicious of the company when it comes to security. Most notably is the US, which last year tried to banned a deal between the company and an acquisition bid for 3Leaf. It tried to force the company to pull out of the deal – something Huawei refused to do – after claiming that the company failed to declare the acquisition of 3Leaf Systems. It instead claimed that it did not require clearance in this instance.

Of course the US isn’t being paranoid when you consider Huawei’s content against the threats to cybersecurity and the fact it’s a Chinese company. In October last year US lawmakers also made their feelings clear when they put the company under pressure over trading concerns on its links to the Chinese military and government

Then again, it seems old Huawei is juggling a double edged sword playing nicely, nicely with the US. Earlier this year Huawei’s chairman in the USA wrote an open letter gushing about his host country and appreciation for democracy.