Huawei hires ex US defence contractor

Chinese telecoms and networking giant Huawei has hired ex US defence contractor official, Donald “Andy” Purdy, as its chief security officer which in a bid to show the country that it a friend rather than foe.

Huawei hasn’t been made welcome in the US with the government fearing the Chinese behemoth is using its technology to spy on it and its citizens. ZTE has faced similar allegations.

Back in June, Congress decided to begin an investigation into the company and ZTE, claiming the pair were subsidised by the Chinese government. It donned its tin foil hat and said this meant that the duo could offer gear at a cheaper price than other companies, meaning they were used over local competitors and thus could infiltrate more places.  

William Plummer, VP of external affairs for Huawei USA, was quoted by the Washington Post as claiming that the company took its “security issues seriously”.

“We look forward to benefitting from Andy’s expertise in cyber-related matters,” he said.

Over recent years Huawei has made railroads into lobbying projects and corporate responsibility.

Last year it released a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, which gave an overall review of its commitments and practices with regard to what it was expected to do.

Included in this were plans for fair operations, practising ongoing environmental protection and bridging the digital divide.

In 2011 it even penned an open letter to the United States where it praised the values of the country and democracy.

However, with the company’s skeptics remaining skeptics, Huawei is still doing its best to help reduce tensions.