HTC rolling in cash as May figures released

Smartphone maker HTC must have made a smart move somewhere, because its revenue has grown significantly over the past few months, according to figures released by the company today.

HTC’s May 2010 revenues alone bring in NT$18.66 billion, up 49.51 percent from the same time last year. It also garnered a total of NT$74.37 billion between January and May of this year, up 34.06 percent on last year.

HTC’s revenues in 2009 had been slumping, but then the global recession made 2009 a bad year for a lot of companies. There is a pretty big spike in growth in January of this year, however, which suggests a massive turnaround as the shackles of the recession are loosened. The release of several new smartphones, including the Desire, Legend, Incredible, and Wildfire, not to mention the Nexus One it made for Google, may go a long way to explaining the May 2010 figures.

The growth is pretty phenomenal, but when we put it into context of overall smartphone growth and the huge increase in Android-based smartphone sales from the beginning of this year it’s easier to see why HTC is reeling in the money. The HTC Desire is one of the most popular iPhone competitors, while the company’s other devices have also been selling well.

Some charts of the figures, courtesy of Digitimes, can be seen below:

HTC Revenue

HTC Revenue