HTC buys out Abaxia

HTC, maker of smartphones, has bought out French custom phone software company Abaxia. Abaxia, while sounding like an unpleasant ailment, apparently actually makes pleasant portal pages and search apps that utilise a phone’s idle screen.

We expect HTC wants Abaxia about to stick a bit more functionality to its Sense overlay, perhaps integrating portal and search features to make use of the currently rather bone-idle idle screens. HTC and Abaxia have both worked together in the past and it seems HTC wants further input.

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC reckons some PR-y things: “The addition of Abaxia deepen and broaden our software development capabilities so that we can innovate at an even faster pace.”

Abaxia claims on its website to have worked with Motorola, Orange, Sagem, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericcson among others. Details on how much HTC splashed out for Abaxia have not been announced yet.

Andreas Constantinou, research director at VisionMobile which looks at a lot of idle screens, told TechEye: “The main benefit HTC gets is not the technology (it has it’s own Sense UI that extends far beyond the idle screen in any case); it is the know-how in deploying operator-customised services across its platform portfolio (Android, Windows Phone, BREW) and in leveraging the idle screen as the premium real-estate for distribution of operator services.”