HP's Hurd does a winsome Carly Fiorina twirl

When Carly Fiorina was ousted from Hewlett Packard all those years ago, she picked herself up, dusted herself down and started all over again.

And, according to a report in the august Wall Street Journal, her successor, Mark Hurd, is planning to be a comeback kid too.

Sources close to Hurd told the Journal that he is in weeds following his departure from HP and compared his plight to a divorce or a death.

He is, no doubt, missing the oxygen of power that being the head of the biggest manufacturer of printing ink brought him.

Hurd was noted for not making the kind of extravagant statements that Carly Fiorina was noted for when she presided over Hewlett Packard, such as saying that she was more important than the King of Spain and banning smoking in the HP fleet of jets.

Hurd is interested in working for a number of companies including publicly traded and private equity companies, said the Journal.

Perhaps he could make an early bid to become the CEO of Intel? Paul Otellini is not due to retire for some time, so perhaps that may not be an option. We dunno.

Hurd is 53. Winsome Carly is 55. Maybe she could return to HP and we’d have a more interesting time at HP again?