HP's Apotheker goes bonkers on China tour

HP’s dynamic Action Man Leo Apotheker has gone nuts running around China, doing his very best to butter up the vibrant, growing tech sector while tapping into the excellent opportunities for cheap labour.

There is a new range of initiatives, HP says, which will really give HP’s relations with China a boost. Apotheker went on a long jolly through Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin and Beijing to wine and dine one of the biggest economic powerhouses in the world – unlike his predecessor, who preferred wining and dining straight-to-TV soft porn actresses.

Hey, China! Apotheker probably didn’t shout, as he and his company announced investments in HP’s ballpark – so that’s cloud computing, systems R&D, infrastructure refurbishments and, er, social media… 

Even China’s Vice Premier, Li Keqiang was on hand to hear HP wax lyrical about its commitment to China. “We see huge potential in China to deliver on our vision for the connected world, spanning cloud and connectivity, from the consumer through to the enterprise,” he said.

Its first HP Cloud Executive Briefing Center [sic] has tipped up in Tianjin. That’ll give potential customers a chance to tinker with HP software until they decide they like it, or not. 

Apotheker really has a knack for names. HP has also opened an Enterprise Servers Storage And Networking Research And Development Center in Beijing – in real words, it means HP wants to hand pick the best of local engineering. Meanwhile, HP’s gang will hotfoot around Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing, as well as elsewhere, to help refurb infrastructure for the better.

It’s in support of China’s 60th year plan sorry 12th five-year plan, HP boasts, and we can expect a miracuous turn-around on sustainability and energy to give the cities a positive kick up the jacksy. Plus it’ll give 1,000 HP computers to Chongqing for “rural development”.

The company thinks it’s about time China gets its due and has kindly granted the enormous country access to a blog in a native language. Yes, here comes the HP China Official Blog. 

With all the hollering about how HP values China, after all the free laptops are given away, and Apotheker’s China Tour 2011 is done and dusted, a lasting HP investment will be more manufacturing plants in Shanghai. In fact, HP has gone so nuts in China you could be forgiven for glancing over the fact it’s consolidating all its existing employee manufacturing sites into a huge campus. There will be a new China HQ for its Personal Systems Group in Shanghai, too.