HP wins $2.5 billion NASA contract

HP has won an impressive $2.5 billion services contract from NASA

Despite being full of clever people who dedicate their time to space and science, it seems NASA’s desktops could do with a bit of work and that’s where HP comes in. It’s an infrastructure rehaul which will see PCs and devices delivered to over 60,000 in the organisation.

As usual the idea is that there will be boosted productivity and long-term cost savings, until the next rehaul is needed at least.

HP will be working in tandem with what NASA calls the Agency Consolidated End-User Service program, or ACES. Although exciting-sounding when abbreviated it is core IT which will be managed and maintained by HP. The contract applies to all of NASA.

NASA has small business participation guidelines, so some will be brought in to help out. 

HP has heaps of government contracts in the States, not least the Navy which got sick and tired of the ineptitude of the whole business