HP will fast track decision on PC business

The maker of expensive printer ink and the fastest selling tablets in history, HP, has announced that it will speed up a decision about what it will do with its PC business by the end of the month.

Former CEO Leo SAPman Apotheker in August said the company was weighing whether to spin off the PC unit into a separate business, but warned it would take a while to work out what to do.

Now, according to Reuters, his replacement Meg Whitman is aiming to make a decision on the future of the company’s PC business by the end of this month.

She wants to make a decision “much faster” than Apotheker had planned “because uncertainty is not our friend here.”

Whitman told Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit on Tuesday that it would be a decision she would like to make by the end of October.

Whitman said the October timeline for a decision on the PC business “may slip a little bit” but the evaluation process was “certainly much more accelerated” than it had been under Apotheker.

At the moment she said she was “open-minded” about which direction to take with the PC business.

Apotheker’s decision to flog the PC business and turn HP into a variant of business software company SAP was fairly controversial. HP’s PC business is a high turnover but low margin outfit which has been suffering lately.