HP turns to cyber defence

HP logoHewlett Packard said it has introduced security products and services and claimed it has a new approach to the problem.

It said that organisations across the globe spent $77 billion on cyber security last year, and, at the same time, successful attacks increased by 25 percent.

HP’s products and services are focused not only on securing the perimeter of enterprise IT systems, but protecting data that sits in the cloud of unknowing.

The firm said it has made an agreement with security analytics company Securonix which uses behavioural data generated by people within an enterprise to detect threats.

It has also introduced a cloud access security protection system that it claims provides “borderless” protection of data. It’s teamed up Adallom to bring this to HP customers.

HP also said it providing “Fortify on Demand” – a mobile application reputation database which helps enterprises manage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.