HP takes new Network portfolio to enterprise

HP has today rolled out a new networking portfolio which will combine HP ProCurve and 3Com with the aim to speed up energy use by double with a claimed 65 percent less total cost of ownership.

The idea comes as part of HP Converged Infrastructure, cutting out “server silos”, storage and networking to make information and resources available virtually and on the web, allowing businesses to cut out on excess.

HP says, of course, that its latest tech will be handy to the IT Enterprise. With the  Networking portfolio, it says clients in the enterprise will be able to shed tons of unneccessary weight by bringing wired and wireless together with a strong focus on security. Overall, the HP Networking portfolio promises to make handling overall operations and management easier, cutting down on complexities while also creating a platform for users to access at all levels.

The portfolio is made up of four product families focusing on different elements of branch to data centre, and will be sold through both HP and 40,000 channel partners. HP promises that the portfolio will roll-out without vendor lock-in.

It is no surprise that HP is turning to self-owned 3Com for enterprise gear after it fell out of love with Cisco earlier this year. HP boasts today in a statement that the integration between HP and 3Com will boost its position in emerging markets such as Latin America. It is also pointing its crosshair at the Chinese market.