HP sues Oracle defector Adrian Jones

Hewlett Packard and Oracle are in a tiff, again. HP is suing one of its ex-sales execs because it thinks he stole trade secrets before hopping ship to Oracle.

Adrian Jones is accused of plugging in the humble USB and copying HP’s strategic and financial plans, employee data and sales figures. He used to hold the role of senior vice president, Asia.

The filing was made in the California Superior Court for Satan Santa Clara County. It is alleged that Jones left the company five days after he knicked what he needed, then mysteriously appeared running a similar position over at Lounge Lizard Larry’s outfit Oracle.  

According to HP, Jones had an “inappropriate relationship with a subordinate” and that he had arranged a 97 percent pay packet boost for the employee in question. HP thinks Jones had spent thousands on visiting the pampered colleague for reasons outside of business.

A spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal Jones’ alleged theft leaves it at an “unfair competitive disadvantage.” But with Actionman Apotheker heading the charge with his surprise move into the cloud we’d say there’s nothing to worry about. 

It’s suggested that Jones retreated from HP with the knowledge he’d soon be sacked for misappropriating the company dosh. And like Mark “I Did Not Sleep With That Woman” Hurd, who “resigned” because of an expenses-strewn relationship with a straight-to-TV soft porn actress, Oracle snapped him up to hang out in the Lounge with the Lounge Lizards.