HP sues optical drive makers

The maker of expensive printer ink, HP has sued seven optical disk drive makers, claiming they conspired to inflate disk drive prices for six years.

Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, NEC, TEAC and Quanta Storage are all in the dock.

According to Computerworld, HP said it takes “price-fixing very seriously and intends to pursue its rights aggressively in this and in other price-fixing litigation”.

The lawsuit claims the conspiracy to drive up prices took place from January. 1, 2004 until  January 1, 2010, when “almost all forms of home entertainment and data storage were on optical discs”.

At the time, the defendants and their co-conspirators controlled more than 90 percent of the ODD market, Meg’s company alleged.

HP said that the defendants control patent pools that effectively deter entry into the ODD market by jacking up the licensing costs.

HP named the 3C DVD Patent Group, which covers patents related to the Blu-ray format, and several patent pools related to CD technology.