HP share price plummets

Wall Street voted on HP’s plan to buy Autonomy, to spin off its PC unit, to kill off WebOS and its financial results from yesterday.

And the result appears to have been a thumbs down – with the share price (tick: HPQ) falling over 22 percent to $22.94 at press time.

Autonomy’s shares rose by 76 percent, indicating that it’s an ill wind that blows no-one good. ARM Holdings price rose by £12.70 to stand at £491.80 – clearly some investors think it’s for the selling too.

Shares generally slumped on all the worldwide bourses, amid fears that we’re all in for a further dose of recession. IBM fell slightly, while Google (tick: GOOG) rose by three dollars to stand at $508 at press time. Intel (tick: INTC) was slightly down, but has hovered at around $20 seemingly forever.

People’s money went into buying gold, with an ounce costing slightly over $1,863 an ounce, a new record. The prices of silver and platinum rose too.