HP refreshes Converged Storage product range

Hewlett Packard has announced additions to its Converged Storage, with updates to the 3PAR StoreServ and StoreAll storage systems, as well as StoreOnce backup products.

HP introduced its Converged Storage back in 2011, with the aim of creating a single architecture that covers storage products of different sizes, at the same time creating common data services for block object and file applications.   HP said that legacy storage systems are not equipped to help enterprises adapt to new workloads, with too many architectures creating problems with integration, and upping administration time.

This range is now being updated, with a midrange focus, continuing the strategy of providing a single architecture across a wide range of storage systems. 

The 3PAR StoreServ range is updated with the 7200 and larger 7400, supporting both block and file data, and available as SSD-only systems, capable of 320,000 IOPS.

StoreAll is a scalable platform for big data retention that HP said will provide simplified environments for big data retention and cloud storage.   The system will be integrated with Autonomy’s IDOL software, with HP telling TechEye that there will a greater emphasis on integrating its acquired firm’s software into its hardware in future.

StoreOne 2000, 4000 and 6200 Backup will support StoreOne Catalyst software to improve data movement and deduplication.   The new models are said to perform backup operation three times faster than competitive systems.

HP saw its storage revenues fall by 13 percent in its most recent financial results,  but David Chalmers, CTO and VP of HP Enterprise Group EMEA, said that the company’s strategy will be to continue to develop and invest in new products in the growth areas of the market to turn this around.

Chalmers said it is HP’s older midrange technologies which have been falling off, and are being replaced by 3PAR systems growth. He said that 3PAR products are the “fastest growing” storage in the market, doubling the revenue stream from last year.  

“While the overall number has been about the same as the market, because if you look at the market in storage, similar to the x86 servers, the market itself has been falling – it is not just HP,” Chalmers said, adding that its share of the market actually grew last year.

“But you will see us changing our portfolio so we are no longer riding a declining market, we are now selling growing products, and we believe that will make a substantial difference to us as we go into next year with products in the growth area of the portfolio.”

StoreServ 7200 is available worldwide now starting at $20,000, with the 7400 starting at $32,000.  StoreAll storage will be available from 20 December, with prices starting at $0.91 per GB.  StoreOnce 6200 backup systems start at $250,000.   StoreOnce 2000 and 4000 will start at $10,000 and $30,000 respectively.