HP proposes to Vertica

A beautiful relationship is growing between HP and Vertica.

HP today announced that it will be taking the privately held, real-time analytics platform company as one of its many wives. However, it is unknown how much it’s currently paying for the privilege.  

According to the announcement, the acquisition of Vertica will allow HP to add real-time business analytics for large and complex sets of data in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

This is because Vertica’s platform apparently helps customers analyse massive amounts of data quickly “resulting in “just-in-time” business intelligence”.

Shane Robison, executive vice president and chief strategy and technology officer at HP said: “In today’s highly competitive environment, customers need the ability to manage the increasing amounts of data and growing streams of information with more flexible, more dynamic architectures.

“Vertica’s unique platform combines simplicity with industry-leading performance, allowing HP to leap ahead of the industry in the race to analyse massive amounts of data.”

Verica responded by claiming that the fruits of the companies joint labour will allow HP’s customers to “develop flexible business performance solutions that improve decision making and streamline business processes.”

The courtship is hoped to end in the second quarter of this year. Once the pair are wed
Vertica products will be available through HP sales and service channels – well it’s like taking HP’s name in tech terms we suppose.