HP is the top spender in Taiwan

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has revealed that the top spender for the country’s products is inkjet churn-house Hewlett Packard.

The ministry did not say exactly how much HP had been spending, but the Taipei Times says HP’s spending rose 10 percent from the $25 billion it splashed out last year. 

HP plans to spend roughly $30 billion each year in Taiwan over the next two years. It plans to go on a hiring spree, too, considering adding 100 employees to its roster in the region. 

Other big spenders in the country include Toshiba of Japan, which came second in the MoE’s top of the pops by handing out just over $10 billion to Taiwanese companies. It was followed by tinbox maker Dell, then Sony and Lenovo. They all spent roughly $7.5 billion on Taiwanese products.

A company which dropped out of the top five list was Samsung. Whether Sockgate was a defining factor in that isn’t clear.

The ministry also gave a nod and a pat on the back to technology bigwigs like Nvidia and Qualcomm. Taiwan was happy for them to be investing in local semiconductor companies.

According to the country, the total purchases of Taiwanese products reached a stonking $90.2 billion for 2011, which is 5.7 percent growth from the year before. Ten years on, the figure is just about double the $43 billion in 2001.