HP is now building God's computer

HP’s CEO Meg Whitman appears to be convinced that her outfit is so good that it is actually making computers for God.

Apparently Whitman was on her way to Damascus to persecute the users of WebOS when she saw a sudden bright light and an order appeared in her lap from the almighty.

It appears that God had ignored rival workstation makers, and as such decided that he wanted to spend the rest of eternity paying for printer ribbons.

Although Whitman is not exactly saying what God ordered from her company, she said that the Z1 workstation was what God would buy if he needed a computer.

The news that heaven will be running the Z1, while hell will be stuck with Macbooks, will be news to many religious figures who have never really worked out what computer God would use.

We were not aware that you needed to sacrifice your first born to turn on a Z1, although it would not surprise us if it caught fire and God spoke to us.

Still, if Whitman is going to turn around HP she will need all the divine help she can get.

You can see Whitman taking the missionary position here.