HP finally replaces networking head honcho

HP’s executive Feng Shui continues, with interim Bethany Mayer promoted to senior VP and general manager of the networking business.

Mayer will replace Marius Haas, one of 10 executive VPs who jumped ship since Apotheker began his crusade to turn the company into SAP.

Her role used to be vice president of marketing for enterprise, storage and networking, which HP claims helped boost revenues 14.6 percent. Most recently she had more than a helping hand in networking for small to medium businesses, virtualised networking and HP’s network security.

The promotion to full-time is a job Mayer should be safe in. During the HP re-jiggling, there was no question that networking would be out of the window.

The Dow Jones says over 10 executive VPs took their leave since Apotheker’s very short reign began. That has left some well-paid jobs in the company that needed filling. 

Executive VP in Enterprise Servers, Storage, Networking and Technology Services Dave Donnatelli said in a statement he’s confident Mayer will do well. Citing HP’s seventh straight quarter of double digit growth in the networking division, he claimed: “She is the right leader to accelerate this business.”